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Valerie Nichol

Valerie Nichol. Joy🥰 Peace ✌☮ Beauty Money I empower women entrepreneurs to embrace their beauty, build wealth, & live without limits! Valerie Nicole Nichol (* April in Normal (Illinois)) ist eine US-​amerikanische Volleyballspielerin. Karriere[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Nichol. Valerie Nichol. Gefällt Mal. Welcome to the official fan page of Valerie Nichol​- Professional Volleyball Player.

Valerie Nichol

Dass Trainer Hernández mit Teamkollegin Valerie Nichol liiert ist, ist für Stautz und die anderen Spielerinnen kein Problem. Als die. Volleyball-Bundesligist SC Potsdam hat Valerie Nichol auf der Zuspiel-Position verpflichtet. Die US-Amerikanerin spielte von 20für. Valerie Nichol konnte ihrer Mitspielerinnen variantenreich einsetzen, während Erfurt im Block keinen Zugriff aufs Spiel fand. Der SCP überzeugte seinerseits im​.

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Valerie Nichol Valerie Nicole Nichol ist eine US-amerikanische Volleyballspielerin. Volleyball-Bundesligist SC Potsdam gab am Mittwoch eine weitere Personalentscheidung bekannt. Die US-Amerikanerin Valerie Nichol gehört. Valerie Nicole Nichol (* April in Normal (Illinois)) ist eine US-​amerikanische Volleyballspielerin. Karriere[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Nichol. Valerie Nichol. Gefällt Mal. Welcome to the official fan page of Valerie Nichol​- Professional Volleyball Player. I use to enjoy chemistry up until this semester. Some of her paintings:. Mar 19th, 2/17/ · Nichol Valerie Note Setter Nationality: American Date of Birth/04/ Passport: American Height (cm): EU: No Weigh (kg): N/D Exclusivity: Yes Teams LKS Lodz (POL) Wroclaw (POL) Stuttgart (GER) . Valerie Nichol (born 29th April ) - volleyball player from USA who currently plays as setter in Athletes Unlimited Pro League (USA). There are 6 clubs in which she 5'11" ( m). Valerie Nichol ~ Freely, Unashamedly Embrace Your Beauty: Inside and Out! Search: 12 Things You Need to Know About Cleansing Your Face. 01 Tuesday Nov Posted by valerienichol in Uncategorized ≈ Leave a comment. 12 Things You Need to Know About Cleansing Your Face. Your face. Seems like a simple enough topic, right?
Valerie Nichol Treat it with love and use a facial cleanser designed for your skin type. In just a few Valerie Nichol after graduating, everything seemed to be falling apart. Then, it happened. Psst…Wanna take a peek at my Makeup Line? Jackpot Wilds, I have my own makeup and jewelry line! Well, I did gain much experience in a salon setting, but I felt I needed the basics. I prefer the smaller pieces over the the larger, or at least I thought. My makeup and jewelry are for everyone, from the most conservative of tastes to the proudly extravagant. I plan to blog about all things beauty! So be sure to hydrate inside and out, with drinking water and moisturizing, respectively. Scrubbing your face to rid it of oil also causes the skin to produce more oil, so this is just a disaster in the making! Like many women, I have depth, vision, and ambition. Take your time when cleansing. Movement as in rolling clouds and waves. Tags a-lista-list glamourBeautybeauty advicebeauty gurubeauty tips Horse Slot Machine, black womencosmeticsglamglamourhigh qualityjewelrylatinamakeupmakeup artistmineral makeupmixed womennatural hairvalerie nicholwomen of color.

The skin on your face is extremely delicate. Your facial washcloth or brush needs washing too! Also, regularly give your face cloths a thorough wash in the washing machine.

I will repeat: the skin on your face is very delicate! There is a huge difference between exfoliating and scrubbing!

If you are looking to exfoliate, which is removing dead skin cells for a fresher, brighter complexion, you should use an exfoliant.

There are many different kinds out there in the market, so you can rest assured there is one for you and your skin type.

Scrubbing will not do any good, you will just cause your skin to become irritated and inflammed. Cleansers are designed to go to work on the skin the minute it is applied.

Bars of soap are fine for your body, but they are way too harsh for your face! Your face is the first thing people notice when they meet you.

Treat it with love and use a facial cleanser designed for your skin type. Dry skin can lead to can cause premature aging and wrinkles.

Your hands touch everything throughout the day, so you run the risk of transferring all the dirt and germs from your hands to the sensitive facial skin.

Do you have oily skin? I sure do! My oily skin can feel quite greasy at times, but I have come to know that one can still end up over-washing. This actually can cause that oily skin to go from one extreme to the other—dry.

Dry skin not only tends to wrinkle, but over-washed skin can get infected as well. Scrubbing your face to rid it of oil also causes the skin to produce more oil, so this is just a disaster in the making!

If you want to remove excess oils and prevent the headache of getting breakouts, use a cleanser specifically and scienifically designed for your oily skin.

Scrubbing your face is never the way to go. Your face is normally the first thing people notice about you.

Take your time when cleansing. To really give your face the care it deserves, spend at least two minutes cleansing it.

Be sure to pat your face dry after cleansing. Rubbing it dry with a towel damages the elasticity of your skin. Sagging skin and wrinkles are the result of deteriorating elasticity, so be sure to pat your skin dry in an upward and inward motion.

Your skin will love you for it! Always finish your face cleaning routine with a toner and moisturizer! Toners allow the skin to be prepped and ready to absorb the moisturizer evenly.

However, I must put on my cosmetologist hat and clarify something. No matter what your skin type, your face needs a moisturizer! Moisturizing keeps the skin from being dehydrated, and any skin type has potential to be dehydrated.

So be sure to hydrate inside and out, with drinking water and moisturizing, respectively. Oily skin needs a water based moisturizer, dry skin needs a cream based moisturizer.

I know several great moisturizers from several great skincare lines, so if you need a recommendation, just let me know! Like many women, I have depth, vision, and ambition.

I found that solution with…makeup. I had two wonderful children, a husband who tried to give me the world, and had decided I would go to cosmetology school and become an entrepreneur in the salon business.

I was tired of being an employee with rigidly structured schedules. I wanted more time with my family. I was so determined, I finished school in 6.

The faster ever before at my school was 9 months, so I felt great about that, and about the fact I was top of my class!

I had a salon lined up to work at and everything. Then, it happened. In just a few months after graduating, everything seemed to be falling apart.

My husband, as much as he loved me, had his own issues to deal with. He was also swamped with the new business he purchased. I was going through a personal transition of starting my journey as a hairstylist.

So, I walked away from what I knew to try a new way of life. I was not going to financially depend on someone else, I just refused.

My ex and I decided to still be friends, still raise our children, and he even continued to voluntarily support me financially as I built a clientele.

It was an ideal situation, but I wanted to gain some freedom. I also dreamt of setting my own hours, mentoring new stylists, and helping empower women.

No client, no money. No money, no travel, Bummer. Actually, it flew by. My daughter, at 12, decided she wanted to become a professional actor after acting for 3 years and being accepted into a performing arts school.

Two weeks later, she was signed to an agent! I gotta write a whole other blog about that one, lol. Less than a year later, we took her out of the school because she was so busy with acting we all needed a more flexible schedule.

That same year, my son was tested as being more than two years ahead of his grade level! He was getting bored, and I was determined to make sure my kids had a great education, and enjoyed learning, just as I did.

So we withdrew the kids from traditional school and decided to homeschool. It was a win-win! Icing on the cake: more time for me to be with the kids!

The only problem was, I had to cut down on my working hours. I went to visit a former salon co-worker at her house, and she introduced me to Younique!

Now, let me just say, I worked HARD to build a reputation of an extremely knowledgeable, professional cosmetologist.

Well, I had to eat those words—uhh, thoughts! The makeup Blew. Yes, me. My friend had me try on the 3D Fiberlashes, and I almost fainted in her bathroom!

For the first time I even had long, beautiful bottom lashes! They were beautiful, true-to-color, vibrant shades! The packaging was genius! It allows you to never again worry about dropping your eyeshadow and having it crumble!

I signed up almost immediately! Hence, Younique by Valerie Nichol was born! I got my kit, showed my family and friends, and the very next month I was saying goodbye to standing behind the chair!

I rented out my private salon suite to two other stylists, so I still had income from that because you should never have just one stream of income!

After that, I actually retired! I retired from being a stylist last year at 35! Now, I am a 36 year old, financially independent woman.

We travel whenever we want. My daughter is doing commercials, meeting with L. Directors, and living her dream at only 16! Oh, and stealing my Younique Products.

And I get to work from a laptop, or even my cell phone, playing in makeup and making videos and blogs! I love talking and writing anyway! I get to go back to some old loves as well, returning to modeling and ballet!

Makeup truly has changed my life! I get to empower, uplift, and validate women, and that is truly an honor.

Proceeds of my sales even go towards a foundation for sexually abused women! Movement as in rolling clouds and waves. There is such mystery to life.

I love the way fog hangs over the water and the earth creating a white mysterious veil over the known landscape. I love the play of light — how it emerges out of a cloud formation or reflects on the water.

I love color, sunsets, sunrises.. Often I mix my paint very thin and use it as a wash across the canvas. I use acrylic gel to re-create that wet look once the painting is finished.

All of these thoughts appear and re-appear in my art work.

Valerie Nichol. likes. Welcome to the official fan page of Valerie Nichol- Professional Volleyball Player. Valerie Nichol (Valerie Amoroso Lewis). Valerie Nichol an exciting artist in southern Ontario whose paintings are just heartstoppingly gorgeous. Making her art as what you would call abstract in acrylics and gels, she conveys the emotion she experiences in her world of nature directly. Here I have no need for words. I can find almost no use of words to describe them. Valerie holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) credential. She majored in finance and graduated from Georgia State University with a BBA degree, is a member of Atlanta Society of Finance and Investment Professionals and a former Equity and Alternatives Instructor for the CFA Review Course. I’m attracted to textures. tree bark, earth, snow and rock formations, water surfaces, waves, ripples, frost patterns I love movement. movement as in a piece of music that builds to a climax and falls away.

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